Zanendaba Consulting

Co-evolving creative solutions

Business workshops

Five workshop programs are available, depending on your needs:

  • High performing business teams: Linking hearts and minds
  • Diversity within business teams: Perceptions and information flow
  • Dealing with stress and burnout: Insights and methods
  • Challenging times for business: Considerations for leadership
  • Effectiveness in sales: Understanding energy flow in relationships

In his workshops with business teams, Dr Jennings:

  • shares a unique model of motivation that integrates energy and information
  • applies principles and ideas that make top elite sporting teams successful
  • draws on insights into the dynamic balance that exists in nature
  • facilitates creative processes of problem-solving to enhance performance
  • utilises stories and photography to integrate language and visual input
  • has a systemic perspective that values diversity of ideas that exist in a team
  • encourages collaborative and evolutionary thinking
  • examines how crisis and chaos can activate new possibilities and opportunities

Service Offering

Zanendaba Consulting offers a range of professional services to assist businesses,
private individuals and elite sporting athletes reach their goals.

  • Executive Coaching

    Executives are having to function and lead their organisations in challenging times. This offering provides an opportunity for the executive to explore the unique dynamics that are unfolding in the organisation
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  • Business Workshops

    The following programs are offered:
    • High performing business teams
    • Diversity within business teams
    • Dealing with stress and burnout
    • Challenging times for business
    • Effectiveness in sales
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  • Private Consulting

    Dr. Ken Jennings is a trained psychotherapist specialising in narrative, systems therapy. He has over 30 years of experience dealing with emotional difficulties that individuals, marriages (or relationships) and families may be encountering
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  • Elite Athletes and Teams

    Top international athletes have to deal with intense pressure before and during competition and the margins for success are small
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