Zanendaba Consulting

Co-evolving creative solutions


Zanendaba Consulting offers a range of professional services to assist businesses, private individuals and elite sporting athletes reach their goals.

Zanendaba is an African word meaning tell me or bring me a story. We share our experiences with others through the stories we tell. However, no story is ever complete.

The philosophy of Zanendaba Consulting is based on principles of co-creation, respect and reflection to allow stories to expand in ways that generate new possibilities for action. Linked to this expansion, is to understand how energy and information flows during the unfolding process of story-sharing. It is in this process of expansion that the business manifesto of Zanendaba Consulting of co-evolving creative solutions has its roots.

Dr. Ken Jennings, an internationally renowned psychologist and business consultant with extensive experience, is the sole proprietor of Zanendaba Consulting.

Dr Kenneth Jennings, D. Litt. et Phil.

Dr. Ken Jennings is an internationally renowned psychologist and executive coach with over 30 years of specialised experience and expertise in the field of performance psychology.

Dr. Jennings is a systems orientated process thinker who aligns himself with the philosophy of creating possibilities for those he consults with. He believes that humans are both energy and information systems and that transformation within individuals and teams occurs when the power of energy and the complexity of information integrates in a meaningful, focused way.

Dr. Jennings appreciates the complexity and diversity that one encounters in the business and sporting worlds, as well as in one’s own private life. Given this, his consultative methodology is respectful and collaborative so that change can unfold in an emotionally safe conversational space.

Dr. Jennings has extensive experience in working with elite international sporting teams and individuals. He has consulted with the South African Olympic team, as well as the South African cricket, rugby, hockey, bowls, rowing, swimming and polo teams. On an individual level, Dr. Jennings has worked with international cyclists, golfers, tennis players, marathon runners, triathletes, jockeys, show jumpers, racing drivers and gymnasts.

Dr. Jennings has consulted with production and film companies on television commercials that require babies and children to perform in required roles. He has developed a unique model of performance when consulting with children in a playful, creative way and has helped facilitate numerous award winning television commercials.

Dr. Jennings has written two books and numerous articles. He has presented business, leadership, mentoring, coaching and sports enhancement workshops internationally.